Welcome to Your New Website Framework

It’s flexible, powerful, and capable,
with endless opportunities for future evolution.

In the 90 Minute Website program, in order to create a fantastic website with a modest cost, we use a framework. That’s a geek term for a system of customizable boxes, tools, formats, etc.  that help you easily drag-and-drop things like text, images, videos, slideshows, icons, photo galleries, and much more.  There’s no work for you today except to look over the framework and the examples of what it can do, and start to percolate some ideas about what you might like to do with the cache of good stuff in your WEBSITE folder.


When you’re done tuck any notes, preferences, and questions into your WEBSITE folder and get ready for our final official day of the e-course: Day 10: How It All Comes Together.

See you tomorrow!