The Art, Science, and Fun of Visuals

Websites do not live by words alone—
the right colors and images bring them to life
and help them do their jobs well.


The design of a website comes together with small steps forward, including choosing some colors that feel right, and finding some images and graphics that support your message. It’s not rocket science…and can actually be quite fun to do.


Colors: The colors of your website not only have to feel good to you (like the colors of your living space or office do) but they also have to create the right feeling for your audience members. Colors set a mood and an intention.

Images: It’s possible to make an interesting site without a single photograph.  However, a website is almost always more engaging, and attracts engagement better, if there are photos or graphics that bring the text to life.

This lively workbook offers some examples and possibilities to ponder, and some links to tools and resources that will guide you toward the right colors and the right images.

DOWNLOAD THE DAY 8 WORKBOOK NOW and take it for a spin.

When you’re done exploring, tuck everything you found into your MY WEBSITE folder and get ready for Day 9, where we’ll show you the framework where all of your hard-earned words and pictures will live.

See you tomorrow!