DAY 7:
To Blog or Not to Blog?

A blog can add search engine friendliness,
freshness, and authority to a business website,
and a conversation space to a personal one.


One of the things people often ask us is whether they should have a blog as part of their website. There are many pros and a few cons to adding a regular writing feature like this to a website, and we’ll try to sort that all out in this worksheet.


In the context of a professional website, a blog doesn’t just provide fresh “stuff” to your site on a regular basis (which keeps it from appearing stale and dusty).  It also gives you a chance to maintain a running conversation with prospects and clients, and creates a space where audience members can talk to YOU by commenting on your blog posts.

A business coach might consider posting a weekly piece of wisdom about a tactic or strategy that’s working. A poetry therapist might post a poem, a writing prompt, or some research on the power of the written word to heal. A shop might post photos of people using or wearing their wares. A restaurant could post a special menu or event. A writer can try out new material.

DOWNLOAD THE DAY 7 WORKBOOK NOW and read the pros and cons to see if it’s right for you. NOTE: YOU CAN ALWAYS ADD IT LATER!

When you’re done, tuck your thoughts into your MY WEBSITE folder and get ready for Day 8, where we’ll get visual! We’ll talk about colors, images, graphics, and other things that will make your words and your website come alive. It has some fun tools & resources for taking control of your site’s look and feel, and I think you’ll like it.

See you tomorrow!