Describing What You Offer

Today we offer a mindset and a formula to help you create
the “heart” of your website without
any icky sale pitches or marketingspeak.


This is the heart of your website–the place where people learn the nitty-gritty of what you are offering, and how to get it for themselves. A simple structure can help you connect with your audience and show them the tangible benefits of buying your service or product, and a bite-sized offer can really pave the way and overcome concerns and doubts…with honesty and integrity.


The page that describes your specific offerings can be both easy and hard to write.  It’s easy, because you KNOW what you’re offering: a service, a product line, a book, a course, a workshop, etc.  It’s also a bit hard, though, because you’re trying to write about them in a way that “sells” but doesn’t feel icky or salesy.  This day’s workbook contains a good formula to get all of this down on paper.

Hint: Pay particular attention to the “bite-sized offer” in Step 4.  This can be very, very effective in converting readers to clients—in a comfortable, genuine way.

DOWNLOAD THE DAY 6 WORKBOOK NOW and spend some time with it.  We think it’s one of the most fun parts to work on:  You get to talk about what you do best, and why you do it. It also suggests a tidy structure to organize what you have to offer.

When you’re done, tuck it into your MY WEBSITE folder and get ready for Day 7: To Blog or Not to Blog, a helpful guide to deciding whether you want to have a regular writing/conversation feature on your site.

See you tomorrow!