Why Your “About” Page is Critical

It cuts through the din of a noisy online world,
and tells your audience why they should
trust you and how you can help them.


In a noisy online world where there are so many choices, what do you offer that others don’t? What connection can you make to your audience that’s uniquely yours to make? How can you help them to know you, like you, trust you?


The online world is a loud place, full of people trying to get their point across.  Full of people trying to sell us something, to convince us they’re the solution to our problems, to get us to buy, try, support, follow, donate, subscribe.

There is a reason why many website experts consider the About page to be THE most important page on the site, and why click testing often shows it to be the most-visited page in a site.  Your ideal audience member wants to cut through all of the noise, and meet you, and be reassured that You Are The One.  The right coach, the right shop, the right author, the right photographer, the right massage therapist.

DOWNLOAD THE DAY 5 WORKBOOK NOW and answer its questions. We know this can be a tough page to write, so this workbook offers a simple formula for writing a page that will help set you apart from the crowd.

When you’re done, tuck it into your MY WEBSITE folder and get ready for Day 6: Describing What You Offer.

See you tomorrow!