The Right Pages to Tell Your Story

Your pages should welcome your audience in,
answer all of their questions,
and make it easy to contact you.


Now that your ideal audience members have found you, it’s time to tell them everything they came to learn. With just five pages, you can craft an entire experience that answers their questions, demonstrates how you can help them, and gives them a way to take the next step.


If you could wave a wand and have your site visitors do anything you wanted during the minutes they’re on your website, what would it be?  What would they click . . . what would they do first, second, third?  Remembering that they are there to fulfill a wish, fix a problem, or solve a pain they have, what would get them to that as clearly as possible?  What would answer their questions about you, about what you offer, about how to connect with you?

This workbook offers some examples and possibilities to ponder, and the result will be a “shape” for your website–a container into which we’ll pour words and images that tell your story.

DOWNLOAD THE DAY 3 WORKBOOK NOW and answer its questions. It has an easy visualization of how best to organize what you have to say into a structure that helps your site do its job well.

When you’re done, tuck it into your MY WEBSITE folder and get ready for one of the most fun days in the whole course: Day 4: Crafting a Welcoming and Effective Home Page

See you tomorrow!