What’s in a Name?

Choosing the right domain name by anticipating your audience’s needs and behavior.


Your domain name isn’t just your address on the web ( as in “”). It’s also a tool to help people find you, remember you, and trust you.


Most people don’t give a lot of thought to their domain name.  It’s just your name with a dot com appended to it, isn’t it?  What’s to worry about?   Actually, having a solid domain name can go a long way toward attracting the right people to your website, helping them quickly know what you can offer them, and helping them remember you.

Pop quiz:  If you didn’t know anything else, which of these domain names tells you more about the (fictional) company who owns them?

When someone in Santa Cruz, California is looking for a company to do some painting for them, they don’t hop on Google and magically know the name of this company. They search for “house painters Santa Cruz” or “house painters near me” or something similar….and because Google gives more weight to websites whose address contains those kinds of keywords, chances are they’ll see it near the top of the website results.

Which one leaves your site visitor pondering “…wasn’t their name Macintosh…or McDonald…or something like that….?”  And which one describes not only the “what,” but also the “where” of this business?

Knowing what your audience will be searching for, and how, is an important part of today’s lesson.

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See you tomorrow!