DAY 10
Where the Magic Happens

You did it!
Good job. Here’s what happens next.

So by now you have a folder full of things you’ve been gathering as the raw materials for your website, and (I hope) you have a fresh perspective on your website’s purpose in your life: Not just an online brochure, but an interactive tool for engaging with, and serving, the people you want to reach. You’ve put in your time. You’ve invested in your work. You’ve learned so much.

The hard part is over – it’s time to share your hard work with the world. What happens now?

DOWNLOAD THE DAY 10 WORKSHEET NOW and see the step-by-step of what comes next.  There’s only one small task for you. Mostly, it’s a guide to what we’ll do together to turn your collected materials into a gorgeous, hard-working website that will tell the world about your work in the world, and pay for itself in no time.

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