Coach, consult, present, teach: Learn to use Zoom, the web meeting & videoconference provider, to grow your business

Is your small business operating in a smaller-population area—but you want to reach out to a bigger audience of people with your service offerings? Have you been thinking about growing your business with remote one-on-one sessions, webinars, online workshops, teleconferences, or trainings in a way that doesn’t cost hundreds and require special equipment?

Zoom might just be the tool for you.

At just $14.99/month for the basic professional package, you’ll be astonished at the number of ways it can help you connect, create new product/service offerings, and generally make your life easier. I’m a fan. Let me show you all it can do, and if you decide it can save you time and effort, we can get it set up for you.

This isn’t a sales pitch for ZOOM. It’s just allowed me to help more people than I ever imagined, and to grow my business in unexpected ways, so I thought you’d like to check it out.

For you to keep:

  • The video or recording of our session together, so you can refer back to it anytime
  • E-Guide Zoom for the Super-Small Business: Why to Use It to Grow Your Business, and How to Get the Most Out of It (PDF)
  • Access to my regular clients-only Office Hours online (Zoom) chats to ask questions and get answers

Suggested prerequisites:
None. But be sure you have a working camera, microphone & speakers on your computer before we begin.

The Details

Your session is one-on-one via Zoom and is tailored to your unique situation. Questions? Email me any time.
Time:  One Hour
Cost:  $75.00