Frequently Asked Questions

What does it include, and not include? How does it work, and how can I get exactly what I need? It’s all here. More questions? Write us at
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What do I get when I buy this? What should I expect?

An easy 10-part e-course sent via email (written in geek-free language) guiding you through the gathering of all of your website’s pieces and parts

Personalized, individual coaching and guidance every step of the way

A powerful website framework that will serve you for years to come

A guided process of building the site with us, so you know how it all goes together and how it works

An easy, step-by-step instruction manual to help you maintain and grow your website, saving you a ton on website maintenance costs

Someone who believes in what you’re doing, and who is in this so BOTH of us can be happy in our work

What kinds of people and businesses is this meant for?

Any person, small business or nonprofit that:

…wants to quickly get a website up and running so they can focus on their real work, and grow the website later when they have more time and money

…is on a budget, who’s happy to start small-but-elegant and build it up themselves

…is willing to put in a little sweat equity to save a lot of money (rather than a hands-off “make it so, number one” website) and having a “sherpa” to guide them sounds just right

…knows a website is going to help them get the word out, and wants to learn how to use it to its best advantage

Can I just send you my ideas and have you create the site for me?

You could, but because that sort of website is a lot more time-intensive to build, it would not fit in the 90-Minute Website. This program is designed to make websites affordable for almost everyone.

How is this better than a do-it-yourself site?

The website building tools provided by most DIY builders (Squarespace, Wix, etc.) are swell, but limited to how to build pages, place images/text on them, and add functionality like payment buttons and contact forms. That’s the “how” — how to make the pages by clicking X, Y, and Z.

But the 90 Minute Website also teaches you the “what” – what do you put ON your pages that makes the site effective?  In addition, it teaches you the “why” – why am I doing this work, and for whom?  Why should people come to my site, and how can I make them into lifelong contacts/buyers/donors?  How do I make the site work for me, now and for years to come?

In addition, you have your own private website coach to guide you through all of this, so you’re not squinting at a screen at 2:00am trying to figure it all out on your own. You can use those brain cells to build your business instead.

Is this a bare bones, bargain-basement website?

Nope.  The 90-Minute Websites are beautiful and fully-featured, with such features as site security, automatic backups, spam protection, a blog, mailing list subscription mechanism, contact form, and a lot more. To grow the site further once it’s launched, there are dozens of drag-and-drop tools at your disposal such as galleries, slideshows, video, animations, gorgeous layout tools, and a lot more.

Do I own the site when it’s done? Or do you?

We build your website on your own website hosting account, and you own all of it, as well as your domain name.  It’s yours in every way.

In the content creation e-course, do I need to do it all in 10 days? Do I need to do each lesson on the day I receive it?

Oh heavens no.  It’s 100% self-paced, so you can take as much time as you need with any or all of it.  You’ll continue to receive the emails each morning, but don’t feel pressured to complete them that day. If your life is like ours, on some days our best-laid plans just go cattywampus when life doesn’t go according to schedule. Or on a writing day, your internet decides to go AWOL. Or you just can’t get your head around a lesson and need to sleep on it. That’s all perfectly okay.

I don’t have a domain name ( yet. Is that a problem?

Not at all. In fact, one of the first email lessons is about how to figure out good names, where to search for one, and how to purchase one.

I don’t have any pictures for a website. Where do I get those?

There’s an entire email lesson devoted to how to search, where to search, and how to obtain imagery (free and paid) to make your site beautiful.

I’m not a designer. How can I be sure it will look good?

We guide you through the process of assembling your text, images, colors, and other graphic elements into a beautiful website.

Do I have to be a professional writer to create all my own text?

Obviously, there is some writing involved in order for your pages to have text on them. But the 90-Minute Website has a series of worksheets that help you create your text painlessly, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer.

I have some specific questions you haven’t covered here. How do I get in touch with you to ask them?

You can email us at and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

What does the 90-Minute Website cost?

The whole program costs just $497.00 – payable in two milestone payments at the beginning and the end of the process.

How do I get started?

Schedule a free, no-icky-sales-pitch, no-obligation 30-minute consultation with us to talk through your website needs and brainstorm how to make it all come to life. It’s fun, no matter what you decide!  Visit our contact form to set this up: