Guten-who? What to do when WordPress makes its big change.

WordPress is proud of the new web page creation tools they are building into “Gutenberg,” the next version of its software. Many of the rest of us are taking a deep breath because it’s a big change and a new learning curve, in a time when we’re busy with our businesses and probably don’t have time to learn something new.

“It’ll be nice once you have it done,” a friend used to say of a looming project. True. But I’d rather do it when *I* have time to do it, y’know?

So for those of you whose websites are created in WordPress (and there are lots of you) here’s a brief video giving you a look at the beautiful new WordPress look-and-feel that’s coming down the pike, and how to handle it when you see the first inklings of it. If you have questions, you know you can always contact me.